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Research on Male-pattern Baldness
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Research on Male-pattern Baldness
Androgen hormones are responsible for the growth of the beard and hair in the underarm and pubic areas. At the same time, these hormones inhibit the growth of hair in frontal and vertex areas in genetically predisposed individuals. It is called 'the paradox of androgen hormones'. In order to study this phenomenon, hair follicle stem cells from the beard, the front and back of the head were cultivated, and their gene expression differences were analyzed. Androgen hormone-regulated genes were screened using the gene chip, which we developed, and their functions in hair growth are studied to determine their part in causing male-pattern baldness.

We discovered that the DKK-1 gene may cause male-pattern baldness. DKK-1 expression is increased by androgen hormones, thereby causing the death of hair follicle cells and ultimately inhibiting hair growth.
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